Velaa Private Island, the latest Maldives Dream Resort…Why is it Truly Beyond Luxury ?

Velaa Private Island, the latest Maldives Dream Resort…Why is it Truly Beyond Luxury ?

Velaa Private Island Maldives - Aerial
Velaa Private Island Maldives – Aerial

The long awaited and most talked Private Island Retreat of Maldives opened its very exclusive doors in December 2013.

Located in the beautiful Noonu Atoll, in Northern Maldives, Velaa Private Island is a small rounded Island covering just 20 hectares dedicated itself to Luxury, Privacy and Extraordinary.


The Story

The Resort is born from the Dream of 2 people : Jiri Smejc and his wife Radka, who fell in love in the Maldives and share a common passion for the Islands. ( we love this story ! ). Together, they decided to open their own private Maldives Retreat, an Island that would fulfill their dreams about a perfect place on the Earth… Velaa Private Island is a true inspiration from their various journeys in the archipelago.

An architecture inspired by Nature

Its name “Velaa” ( which means Turtle in Dhivehi, the Maldivian language ) was chosen to embody the generations of sea turtles that flock on the island to nest and hatch. Inspired by the beautiful Turtles, the Resort Designer has kept Turtle motifs and colors as a main pattern to imagine the property. From a broader “bird’s eye view” which greets arrivals by seaplane, the island’s exclusive over-water villas are also constructed to resemble the head of a turtle, with the island forming the body.
In order to preserve their precious population, Velaa Private Island has also ensured plenty of room for its marine visitors, with a hatchery and conservation plan in place.


Beyond Lurury

The Resort defines itself as an Unique and Ultimate Luxurious Private Retreat that will bring its guests “Beyond Luxury” . Knowing the high levels of hospitality in the Maldives and the plethora of Top Luxury Resorts, Velaa Private Island had to bring something more.
As expected, it is not surprising that you will find there the first class service and luxury amenities that contribute to make the Maldives one of the most exceptional destination in the world. But looking at the resort features and the owner inspiration, it looks that Velaa Private Island has put another “Golden” touch into it.

Let’s have a look at this “Uniquess”…

The Arrival at the Resort

At arrival, according to their wishes, guests will enjoy 2 types of transfers to reach their hideaway from Male Airport : a 45 mns seaplane ride or a 4 hours cruising on board of a Luxury Yacht.

Velaa Private Island Super Luxury Yacht
Velaa Private Island.  Super Luxury Yacht


The Villas, Houses and Residences

Velaa Private Island Velaa Private Residences
Velaa Private Island. Velaa Private Residence, Interior

Velaa Private Island boasts 45 private villas, houses and exclusive residences, blending contemporary design and Maldivian nuances, featuring soft colors, fine linen, teak and bamboo, luxury furniture Brands and Top Designer items only.

In whatever Villa you will stay, you will find immense space, splendid design and exclusive amenities.
Butlers are naturally at the guest disposal during all their stay.

From the first Villa category to the most exclusive Residence, they all offer private pools, a lot of privacy and extraordinary volumes.
The “smallest” Villa, called the Sunrise Water Pool Villa, is set on 232sqm and the largest one on 1350 sqm. ( you will find more details about the villa sizes and numbers at the end ).
In some Villas, amenities and services include spaces that can be customized to guest wishes such as private gym or libraries. Features also include Zen-like outdoor bathrooms, suspended chairs, majestic high ceilings and private extended over water jetties to name a few.

Velaa Private Island Beach Pool Villa
Velaa Private Island. Beach Pool Villa
Velaa Private Island Romantic Pool Residence
Velaa Private Island. Romantic Pool Residence


Leisure and activities

If you’re not a Diver or if you like a bit of adventure, a private Semi-Submarine will bring you down to explore the beautiful Noonu Atoll underworld.

Velaa Private Island Semi-Submarine
Velaa Private Island. Semi-Submarine


To be sure to provide the ultimate experience, Velaa Private Island has also teamed up with some of the finest Names and Brands.

The Over Water Spa.

Velaa Private Island counts itself one of only a handful of hotels in the world to be working alongside with “My Blend” by Clarins featuring exclusive facial treatments and body products. Organic ingredients are also at the menu.
Holistic Therapies developed by Viennese artist and perception researcher Sha, offer cloud-shaped reclining treatment pods cradling guests into deep relaxation.
Yoga sessions, Reiki and shiatsu are proposed on a daily basis by a dedicated team.


The Golf

Besides a wide array of sports, Golf enthusiasts will enjoy the only “Short Game Golf Academy” in the Maldives with 170m of greens and a swing studio carefully crafted by Masters Champion Jose Maria Olazabal. Have a look at this short Video :


Restaurants & Bars

To pretend to this “Uniqueness” in the Maldives, Velaa Private Island had to rise up the gastronomy levels and Architecture at its highest. Taste and Design come both in a spectacular way.
The Cuisine is ensured by excellent Chefs including Michelin star and Gault & Millau Awarded French Chef Adeline Grattard. 3 superbly designed Restaurants feature some of the finest Cuisine from around the World.

Velaa Private Island Bar
Velaa Private Island. Bar
Velaa Private Island Restaurant Main
Velaa Private Island. Main Restaurant

One of the most extraordinary is the unbelievable “Tavaru” Tower, the Teppanyaki restaurant, that stands as an architectural centerpiece of the Island.
Visually striking, the ivory-white tower hosts live cooking and Velaa’s extensive wine cellar at its heart. Wine Lovers will appreciate the 30 page wine list which covers the whole spectrum from boutique wineries to grand marques and organic as well as biodynamic producers.

Recently built, Tavaru Tower has already created a lot of sensations and has rapidly become an Iconic place to experience.
Its outstanding architecture is definitely one of the Maldives Most Extraordinary Places to see.

Velaa Private Island Tavaru Tower restaurant
Velaa Private Island. Tavaru Tower restaurant
Velaa Private Island Tavaru Tower Wine Cellar
Velaa Private Island. Tavaru Tower Wine Cellar from up
Velaa Private Island Tavaru Tower
Velaa Private Island. View from inside the Tavaru Tower
Velaa Private Island Wine Cellar
Velaa Private Island. TAVARU tower Wine Cellar


Champagne !

Aragu & CRU Champagne Lounge signature over water restaurant proposes culinary delights topped off with the sparkle of Champagne. And if you never get enough from Champagne bubbles, a dedicated Lounge serving Vintage Champagnes will wait for you after your dinner.

Velaa Private Island Agaru restaurant Champagne Lounge
Velaa Private Island. AGARU Restaurant  and CRU Champagne Lounge



Velaa Private Island has much more to offer. I just outlined for you some of the key features that make this new resort the hottest Luxury Island to be right now.

A last detail… The Price to stay at Velaa Private Island

You will surely read around that Velaa Private Island is The Most Expensive Resort In Maldives, which is partially true. Of course, some Villas and residences are pricey and will cost you up to USD 30,000 a night ( BB Basis ), but if you don’t mind staying in one of the first category villa ( remember their amazing volumes and amenities), a night in BB will cost you around USD 1500, which is far to be unusual in Maldives.


More information and Photos ( Artists Impressions )

Number of Villas and respective sizes :

8 Sunrise Water Pool Villa – 232sqm
9 Beach Pool Villa – 295sqm
9 Deluxe Beach Pool Villa – 346sqm
8 Sunset Deluxe Water Pool Villa – 256sqm

Number of Houses and respective sizes :

5 Beach Pool House – 600sqm
2 Beach Pool Pavilion – 600sqm
1 Ocean Pool House – 500sqm

Number of Residences and respective sizes

1 Romantic Pool Residence – 623sqm
2 Velaa Private Residence – 1350sqm

Velaa Private Island
Velaa Private Island. Ocean Pool House
Velaa Private Island Maldives - Aerial
Velaa Private Island.  Aerial
Velaa Private Island Deluxe Beach Pool Villa
Velaa Private Island. Deluxe Beach Pool Villa
Velaa Private Island Private Residence
Velaa Private Island. Private Residence


About The Author

I am Rozenn, Dreaming of Maldives writer and editor. Sakis, my partner in life, is the photograher behind most of the images you will see here. We travel to the Maldives several times a year for journeys that can vary from 1 week to several months. We created Dreaming of Maldives “The Blog” as an extension of the webite of the same name to make you discover the Maldives in the most complete and different way as possible. This blog is a place to dream. It is mainly aimed to share with you our long time experience and Emotions of travelling in the marvelous and so unique Maldives… PLEASE ...NEVER STOP DREAMING . Dreamfully Yours. Rozenn. Carpe Diem.

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