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More than 2 decades of work and travel in the Maldives allow us today to offer you a unique combination of Maldives Travel Stories, Photos & Videos, Resorts Reviews, Insider Tips, Maldives essential travel Information and so much more…
Dreaming of Maldives is also Home to the Official TOP 10 Maldives Best Resorts since 2012.
My Blog is an extension of Dreamingofmaldives.com website created to make you discover the Maldives in the most complete and different way as possible in 2005.
I hope to make you feel the same emotions that Maldives give me.

I am your guide.
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We are wandering the Maldives for 20 years
82 Resorts visited and counting…
17 Atolls discovered…
Countless Desert Islands and Sandbanks…
Hundreds of seaplane flights…
Yet, We Keep on Dreaming of Maldives


Maldives TOP 10 Dreamy Resorts 2019
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