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Maldives TOP 10 Resorts

Maldives TOP 10 Dreamy Resorts 2016

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Graham R. #Paradise at it’s best

Eric F. #Dream in Blue…

Huan Carlos S. #aquí es como el cielo

 Marie H. #really, really beautiful!

Mj M. #I found paradise and my soul there… again and again. We all need to appreciate and protect the maldives

Karen C. #Love these tropical photographs of the sea, sand and palms – gorgeous

Edstar A L. #amazing indeed

Paula F. #I think I dream of being here all the time. Sooo beautiful. Paradise on earth. Would love to be there!!!

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Dive Under & Explore Maldives Underwater World

A Series of Maldives Diver Interviews


Dive Under & Explore Maldives Underwater World

A Series of Maldives Diver Interviews

Divers and Diving in MAldives. Interviews

+ Photos

Maldives Sunset Photo Gallery

Holidaying in Maldives without seeing a Sunset is a bit like going to Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower. You can not miss it !
In Maldives, this beautiful phenomenon is offered to us every evening around 06.00pm.
We’ve seen so many. We’ve photographed the Best of them

Come on, make yourself comfortable and let the show begin…

Maldives Sunset Photo Gallery

Maldives Sunset

18 Aerial Photos of The Maldives Islands

Flying above Maldives Islands is Breathtaking experience. It is the best way to showcase the amazing diversity of shapes and sizes of the thousands of islands that Maldives are made of.For your pleasure, we’ve gathered 18 Aerial Photos of the Maldives Islands to show you a patchwork of their amazing shapes.
We Love to Fly above them and take memories.

Fasten your seatbelt and Enjoy the Show !

Maldives Sandbanks

sandbank maldives

Dreaming of Sandbanks in Maldives in 32 Photos

There are approximately 1200 islands in Maldives. Around 800 of them are still uninhabited. Among these Islands, according to the seasons appear some Sandbanks. Beautiful tongues of sand standing in the middle of Maldives Blue Lagoons, they disappear as they appear and get shaped by sea currents.
Magnificent and ephemeral, we love to photograph them.

Get Lost with this Photo Gallery of 32 Maldives Sandbanks.

Aerial Photo Gallery of The Maldives Islands & Shapes

Photo of Maldives - Aerial View of the Maldives Islands

50 Photos of Paradise Beaches from the Maldives Islands

The Maldives, who could not have a better name than The Island Kingdom, are known for the beauty of their beaches.
They have them all. They make us all Dream.
We scout the archipelago for dream beaches. These photos are not manipulated. These beaches are REAL.

Go to the Beach !

Maldives Paradise Beaches

Photo of a paradise Beach in Maldives

Lazyness is SO Good

The Art of Doing Nothing LESSON #2

The Art Of Doing Nothing in Photos

Dream and Be Lazy with a collection of Maldives Dreamy Photos & Quotes that will explain you the Not-so-easy Art Of Doing Nothing.
When was the last time you spent a quiet moment just doing nothing ?

Please, Relax !