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The Maldives in HD Video…The Dream – our Music selection 6

We have dreamt about it … and we did it:
To give you the possibility to Live the Maldives Experience the closest as possible to reality.
What’s better than HD Video to achieve this ?
Images tell so much, especially when they come to life in full screen.

Turn on your speakers, sit back and get ready for a 3.40 mns trip to the Maldives.
This video is the first in a long series.
Tell us what you think.

If you do not want or could not see it in High Definition, press the settings at the bottom right of the player.

About the Music :
As usual, we make a point to carefully choose our Music.
For this Video, we chose the track “Paradise Angel” from the Artist Paul Haig- Album Cinematic 2.

Paul Haig - Cinematic 2
Paul Haig – Cinematic 2



Download the Album “CINEMATIQUE 2” by PAUL HAIG or your favorite tracks on iTunes

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