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Yoga in Maldives, learn The Sun Salutation in HD

Today, on Dreaming of Maldives, we wanted to make you dream and have a taste of what could be your next Yoga session in Maldives with an exclusive High Definition Video Clip of the “Sun Salutation” executed by a Yoga expert.

Open your speakers and enjoy the lesson !
HD Video Production © Dreaming of Maldives.
If you do not want or could not see it in High Definition, press the settings at the bottom right of the player.

WARNING. The Yoga sequence presented in this Video was conducted by a Highly Yoga expert. Please consult a healthcare provider and/or a practitioner before undertaking any practice featured in this video.

Practice YOGA in Maldives.

Known to be one of the most exclusive Hideaway in the World, the Maldives are also the ultimate destination to practice Yoga in luxury, with splendid surroundings, ensuring a total relaxation for the Mind, the Body and the Spirit.


Some of the most luxurious Resorts of Maldives offer a wide choice of Yoga activities, ranging from the unique session to the complete and tailor-made daily program for an ultimate experience.  Private lessons are also available in most of them.

Professional to highly experimented Yoga instructors are at your disposal to ensure a very serious, studied and genuine Yoga.

Yogis (beginners and advanced) will be able to start their days with early guided meditation sessions, organized in open-air (facing the infinite lagoon is a Must) or in dedicated spaces.

A few Resorts also offer Reiki as a complement for an even better Energy re-balancing.
The Yoga retreat will beideally combined with Spa treatments and/or Ayurveda.

Yoga in Maldives. HD Video
Yoga in Maldives. HD Video at Waldorf Astoria Maldives

In order to be sure to choose the right Resort and to be well informed about the various Yoga programs and events that Resorts have to offer, I advise you to ask your Travel Agent or the Resort for a detailed list.

© Dreaming of Maldives

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