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Dramatic Sunset during the Monsoon in Maldives

Photo of the day…Live from Maldives…18h00/06.00 pm

Dramatic Sunset during the monsoon in Maldives
Dramatic Sunset during the monsoon in Maldives | Photo © Sakis Papadopoulos

A Sunset with very warm colors to end another day of this endless monsoon.

As time passes by, the monsoon gets more and more unpredictable. The rainy season gets longer, and the past years become stronger. Predicting it as mentioned in brochures might have become hazardous.

This year, the monsoon does not end and is still going on with very strong and heavy rains as well as stormy winds. Thunderstorms are experienced all along the archipelago. Depressions are succeeding to each other, coming mostly from the North and the West.

And..if the Maldives were also affected by the global climate changes ?

If you wish to know more about the monsoon, please read my two previous posts here and here


I also advise you an excellent and accurate website to give the latest and “live” weather in the Maldives.. Do not hesitate to “play” with the interactive satellite map zoom…the results are very impressive.
This site is, in my opinion, the best to look for the weather during your next holidays.

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