Dance 15 feet Below the Sand at W Retreat and Spa Maldives
Photo Credit To Sakis Papadopoulos

Dance 15 feet Below the Sand at W Retreat and Spa Maldives


[updated 2015 May 16th ]
We are just back from W Maldives ! It was our 2nd visit after some years.
We have some new exclusive photos and videos, plus some amazing experiences to share with you.
We are currently preparing new Dreams, so I cannot tell you more for the moment. Be patient.
However, we can guarantee you that the Resort is, more than ever, an incredible Glowing Experience.
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15 Below, the Waow Night-Clubbing Experience at W Maldives.

I hesitated before choosing the title of this new post … it seems so strange. But as strange it might sounds, this is what you will discover today… We will show you that Maldives island undergrounds can sometimes hide the most incredible places.
Have you ever imagined yourself dancing in a nightclub at 15 feet below the beach of an island in Maldives?
Probably not.
The idea seems so eccentric. But this place, so unlikely it might be, does exist on the elegant and ultra-chic Island of W Retreat & Spa, one of the most exclusive and glamor resort of the Maldives, located in North Ari Atoll. There, the Whatever/ Whenever Concept of W Hotels seems to have no limit.

W Retreat & Spa has a unique place in the World, “15Below”, a nightclub with a very evocative name, since it is located at 15 feet underground, just beneath the beach.
The 15below is a true nightclub and one worthy of the name in the Maldives, where nightlife is not very common in Maldives.
But if you feel to party after a day at the beach…then this is for you.

Glowing Bar at W Maldives 15 Below Night Club
Glowing Bar at W Maldives 15 Below Night Club

Definitely Hip, 15BELOW has nothing to envy to the fashionable nightclubs of the biggest capitals.

Just after leaving the surface of the island, from the downstairs, the transition is immediately impressive. We quickly lose the sense of space, wondering if we still are in Maldives or in a trendy club in Paris or New York.

The place is magical and deliciously confusing: sophisticated and intimate atmosphere, private alcoves with lounge beds  and view on the dance floor, Electro music, blue phosphorescent cocktail bar, contrasted colors,  all in a very cutting edge design. The decor is amazing.

Glowing cocktails at W Maldives 15 Below Night-Club
Glowing cocktails at W Maldives 15 Below Night-Club

While the bartender prepares cocktails, each more surprising than the next one, a DJ mixes near the dance floor.
The scene will look familiar if you like hip nightclubs. It looks completely disconnected from the scenery above our heads, at the surface of our little island.

At W Retreat & Spa, Music has a unique significance as the resort brings international DJ’s to play on a 3 month rotating basis. These pros of music remain on the island for several weeks to orchestrate the various events of the island, according to their own inspirations and those of the customers.

DJ’s also mix during Sunset, every evening, in a completely different atmosphere at the SIP Lounge bar situated over the lagoon, at the RETREAT and the SURRENDER during the “After Dinner” beach parties with shishas, bonfire, daybeds & lounges and finally during full Moon nights.

The singularity of 15BELOW also lies in a unique collection of Vodkas in the Maldives, consisting of over 95 names, including the only Vintage Vodka in the World the “Kauffman Private Collection 2003 Vintage – Limited Edition” which is also the most expensive in the club, at 40 USD/ 25 GPB the shot.

W Retreat and Spa Maldives Vodkas unique collection
The Vodkas unique collection of W Retreat and Spa Maldives | Photo © Sakis Papadopoulos

Since the opening of 15BELOW,  Maldivian nights have a whole new dimension and will never be the same.

15BELOW is open on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 9:30 p.m. to 2:00 am.
So, Clubbing enthusiasts, take note!

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