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Did You Know that in Maldives... ?

The Maldives in 18 Quick & Fun Facts

How Well Do You Know the Maldives Islands?

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The Maldives in 18 Quick & Fun Facts

Coral Sandy Beaches...

did you know travel fact Maldives coral sandy beaches

Maldives islands are of coralline origins. Their amazing sand is white and extremely fine. Coralline beaches are rare, they represent less than 5% of the World beaches, the rest of them are mostly made of quartz.

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The Sand, Parrot fish Poop...

did you know travel fact Maldives Parrot Fishes

Parrot fishes are huge contributors to the beauty of Maldives beaches. Their fine coral sand is the result of undigested corals they eat. We estimate that an adult parrot fish can produce around 1 ton of sand per year !

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Fishes in Bakeries ?

did you know travel fact Maldives Fish feeding during snorkeling

Feeding fishes during Snorkeling is harmful to them. Our food is not part of their ecosystem and surely not adapted to their digestive system.

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Authentic Sailors...

did you know travel fact Maldives dhoni Captains and crews

Some dhoni Captains and crews still do not use compass or GPS to navigate through the islands and atolls. They find their ways throughout the coral labyrinths helping themselves with the bow of their dhonis and the stars. During clear nights, some have the rare ability to carefully observe the moves of the lagoon surface to avoid coral reefs.

Maldives Flag...

did you know travel fact Maldives Flag

The Maldives flag has various symbols and symbolic colors : Green for peace and the national Coconut Tree, a White Crescent for Islam and Red for the blood of their fights for independence.

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Smallest islands...

did you know travel fact Maldives Small Islands

The Maldives have some of the smallest islands in the World with no more than a few square meters size. The largest island barely reaches 6km long.

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Coconut Trees...

did you know travel fact Maldives coconut trees

The coconut tree is one of the symbols of the Maldivian emblem. National tree of the islands and only natural shade protection of Maldives beaches, coconut trees can grow up to 30 meters and reach the age of 100 years. Their wood is used to build Dhonis.

Desert Islands...

did you know travel fact Maldives Island and Desert Islands

There are approximately 1200 islands in Maldives. Around 800 of them are still uninhabited, 200 islands are populated, about 110 host Hotels and Resorts. The rest of the islands are used for airports, agriculture, picnics, governmental or other industrial activities.

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Bodu Beru...

did you know travel fact Maldives Bodu Beru

The drum-based traditional music, Bodu Beru ( meaning big drum) is a reminder of Maldives long relations with East Africa a few centuries ago. Bodu Beru music is very rhythmic and can be perceived as transcendental.

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Maldives Coins...

did you know travel fact Maldives Coins

Cowry shells can be found by millions in Maldives. They were used as units of money during medieval times. This is why nowadays shells commonly ornate Maldivian coins.

Coral Houses...

did you know travel fact Maldives Coral Walls

Maldivian used to build their houses in coral. This traditional housing is now forbidden since Coral Reefs are worldwide protected. Many coral houses still can be seen in Male and local islands.

Dhoni Shapes...

did you know travel fact Maldives Maldivian Dhonis

The shape of the famous traditional Maldivian boat, the Dhoni, might have been inspired from the ancient Arabian sailing dhow, commonly used as a trading ship in Indian Ocean around the 11th Century.

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Equatorial Sun Light...

did you know travel fact Maldives Equatorial Sun

Beware of the sun in Maldives! A very high sun protection is a must-have. Located close to the equator, Maldives receive high amount of Sunrays. Almost direct, they strike at a 90° angle.

Maldivian Melting Pot...

did you know travel fact Maldives maldivian faces

Crossroads of the ancient trading routes, today's Maldivian multiple faces are the fruit of a civilization mix : Indian, African, European, Arabian, Asian...

World Record...

did you know travel fact Maldives World Lowest Country

Maldives owns the title of the lowest country in the World with an average of only 1.5 meters above sea level.

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Maldives Origins...

did you know travel fact Maldives origins

Maldives are likely to be the reminiscence of a chain of sunken volcanoes formed around 60 millions of years ago. Recent studies suppose that coral reefs atolls have formed over hundreds of thousands of years on their sinking remains.

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Maldives Sandbanks and Islands Shapes...

did you know travel fact Maldives Sandbanks and shapes

In Maldives, some island shapes can be modified by nature. Their sand is moved away and eventually brought back by seasonal currents during monsoons. Some sandbanks disappear and some new ones emerge.

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Maldives Whale Sharks...

did you know travel fact Maldives Whale Sharks

The Whale Shark, the World's biggest fish, has its official sanctuaries in Maldives with 3 places along the archipelago. The Maldives are one of the few places on Earth where Whale Sharks can be encountered all year round and where you can swim with them..

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