A small English-Dhivehi Lexicon for your holidays


Don't forget to roll Your "R"s.

Thaana characters, written in Dhivehi, the Maldivian language"Thaana" characters, written in Dhivehi, the Maldivian language.


Assalaamu alaikum pronounce: Assalamualaikum. Rarely used.

Thank you

Shukuriyaa pronounce: ( with the u as input ) Shukureeya

How are you ?

Kihineh ? pronounce: Kee-Hee-Nay. Mostly used.

How are you doing ?

Haalu kihineh ? pronounce : Haalu-Kee-Heenay. Formal.

I feel good

Ran'galhu pronounce: Raangaalu

I feel very good

Barabaru pronounce: Baaraabaaru

If you feel extremely well:

Varah Ran'galhu ! or if you feel even better, Varah barabaru ! pronounce: Vaaraa baaraabaru/Vaaraa Rangaalu

Bye bye :

Dhanee pronounce: Daanee


Aan pronounce: Aan


Noon pronounce: Nun


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