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Maldives Weather, Seasons & Monsoons

A Complete Guide to Understand Better Maldives Weather Patterns and Season Cycles

Maldives Weather & Climate

The Maldives benefits from their location near the Equator, which offers stable temperatures throughout the year and protection from cyclones.

Their climate is tropical equatorial, generally humid and warm with 2 seasons called Monsoons.

With a distance of 800 km from North to South and the Equator crossing the country, the weather conditions will vary according to your location in the archipelago.

As a consequence, standard weather forecast* for Male ( center North Maldives ) will not be valid for the entire archipelago and the most Southern part, under the Equator, will require forecasts for Gan.

Beautiful weather here in Maldives

Maldives Weather & Seasons Video

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Maldives Weather forecasts

Before reading further. Please, remember :

Just like anywhere else in the World, Maldives weather forecast is not an exact science and cannot be predicted long in advance

The below weather patterns are a general trend based on previous forecasts and Maldives local weather observations.

This said, let's discover Maldives Weather Patterns and Seasons !

What is the Best Season to go Maldives ?

It is usually advised to choose the so-called "dry" season, from October / November until April. September is in theory (and in theory only) a little less "risky" than June / July / August months when the rainy monsoon can still be (very) active to very active. It sometimes goes on until October.

However, beautiful September months have been also seen, with a few showers only quickly replaced by a beautiful sun. We saw, for example, in the past years, an early and powerful rainy season that heavily started in May ( strong winds and rains are usually happening later on ) to extend itself until December.

The Sun will always shine in Maldives. So, relax.

You cannot predict Maldives Weather

Maldives Cloudy Weather brings Beautiful Cloud Formation

Maldives Weather - Forecast

Predicting Maldives Weather

Maldives weather forecasts...are not what they used to be

Predicting the weather in the Maldives is like forecasting the weather in Europe or in NYC in the summer ( yes, Maldives climate is also changing ).

Forecasts and reality can be very confusing.

The best idea is not to rely too much on general weather information generally published on the web or in travel brochures. A nasty surprise could wait for you, even in Maldives...

November is theoretically safer. But again, perhaps will the weather be a little moody at this period too. In any case, nevertheless, you can leave with light heart as you surely will have some beautiful days during your stay.

Maldives Monsoon Seasons

The year is divided into 2 monsoons in Maldives : the summer monsoon and the winter monsoon.

Although global temperatures do not fluctuate much along the year, each monsoon brings very different weather conditions in term of rain, sunshine and winds.

The Winter Monsoon, "Iruvai" A Dry and Sunny Season...

Hot and dry, This period of year is the best time to go to Maldives

Maldives winter monsoon often brings sunny skies few rainfall and quiet seas

The Best Time to Visit Maldives

The Winter Monsoon, "Iruvai". A Dry and Sunny Season

Hot and dry, the winter monsoon in Maldives, named "Iruvai" in Dhivehi (Maldivian language), generally begin around October/November.

This monsoon brings calm seas, clear skies with less frequent rains thoughout the archipelago. The weather gets drier and sunnier. During this months, few showers and winds are expected and the sea can be extremely flat.

This period of the year brings a lot of sunny days, completely blue skies with sometimes gorgeous cloud formations.

Iruval season is usually the best time to go to Maldives.

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Winter Monsoon is the the Best Time to visit Maldives with mostly sunny days and blue skies

Maldives Weather Best Time and Season to Visit Maldives

The Summer Monsoon, "Halhangu" A Rainy and Windy Season...

Rainy and Windy, the summer monsoon in Maldives often starts around May to reach its peak around July / August.

Maldives summer monsoon is considered as the strongest Maldives season.

Probably not the best time to visit Maldives, but...

The Summer Monsoon, "Halhangu" A Rainy and Windy Season

The summer monsoon in Maldives, named "Halhangu" in Dhivehi ( Maldivian language), often starts in May and reaches its peak around July / August to slowly disappear in October/November in favor of the sunny and dry winter monsoon.

Considered as Maldives winter, Halhangu brings versatile weather that can change in a few minutes.

Stay POSITIVE, the Rainy season is the best period to witness the most spectacular Maldives Sunsets !

During this period, Maldives can be exposed to heavy rains, rough seas and strong winds and you will often experience strong to very strong rain showers.

In summer times, Maldives weather becomes very versatile and can change in a few minutes. Skies become dark, strong rains can follow a beautiful sunny morning and wind gusts can reach up to 50 Knts ( app. 90 Km/h) for hours.

These dark, rainy and very windy periods can be very short, but they can also continue for a few days and be immediately replaced by idyllic weather conditions.

Winds are generally stable and strong and blow West/ South-West.

Halhangu season is usually not the best time to go to Maldives but can be beautiful too.

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As risky it can be, the Rainy Season can be followed by Sunny periods and bring the best Sunsets

Maldives Weather - Rainy Season Summer Rain brings the best sunsets

Maldives Average Air and Sea Temperatures

Air temperatures

Maldives Air temperature in the Maldives tends to remain stable across the year

- Highest air temperatures / Dry season : between 30°C/32°C (86˚- 90F˚)

- Lowest air temperatures / Rainy season : between 25°C/28°C (77˚- 83F˚)

Maldives Average Air Temperatures Datas

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Maldives yearly average air temperatures

Sea temperatures

The average minimum temperatures vary little throughout the year and remain stable between 25°C and 28°C. (77˚- 30F˚)

- Highest sea temperatures : 35°C (95F˚)

- Lowest sea temperatures : 24°C (75F˚)

Maldives Seasons and Monsoons

Photo Gallery

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Double Rainbow during Rainy Season in Maldives

Maldives Weather - Rainbow during Rainy Season

Between rain showers

After the rain, comes the Sun and Rainbows too...

Cloud formation of a Localized rain shower during Maldives rainy season

Maldives Weather - Cloud formation Rainy Season

Localized rain shower

Common Rain Shower coming close to the shore

Storm and Dark Skies during Summer Monsoon

Maldives Weather - Storm and Dark Skies during Summer Monsoon

Dark contrasts

Storm and Dark Skies cab be also beautiful

Maldives winter monsoon is the best period for holidays

Maldives Weather Best Season - winter monsoon with calm seas and clear skies

Clear Skies, the best for the Blue

The Best period to come to Maldives

A Typical Summer Monsoon Rain Shower

Maldives Weather - Summer Monsoon Rain Showers

Typical scenery

The summer monsoon is considered as the rainiest Maldives season.

Beautiful Rainbow during Rainy Season

Maldives Weather - Rainy Season and Rainbow

Rainbow in the Blue

Beautiful Rainbow during Rainy Season

The Summer Season bring strong Winds ideal for Windsurf

Maldives Weather - Summer Season bring strong Winds for Windsurf

Windsurf Under The Rain

The Summer Season bring strong Winds ideal for Windsurf

Maldives Infinite Blue in Winter Season

Maldives Weather - Infinite Blue

Infinite Blue

Infinite Blue in Winter Season

Maldives blue skies come sometimes & gorgeous cloud formation

Maldives Weather - Winter Monsoon blue skies and gorgeous cloud formation

Cloud Formation

Blue skies and gorgeous cloud formation

Maldives Rain Shower on the Sea

Maldives Weather - Rain Shower on the Sea

Rain Shower

Rain Shower on the Sea

Maldives Winters are the best Periods to come

Maldives Weather - The Winter is the best Period to come

Idyllic Conditions

...during Winter Monsoon

Humidity from the Rainy season brings Spectacular Sunsets

Maldives Weather - Humidity from the Rainy season brings Spectacular Sunsets

Spectacular Sunset

Humidity brings Spectacular Sunsets

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