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Dreaming of Maldives
Who we are

We are Dreaming of Maldives

We aim to show you the Best and Essential of Maldives.

Together with our website, blogs and editions we want to make you Dream, Explore and Travel to the Maldives from wherever you are.

We hope to contribute to make you discover the Maldives as much as you Dream of with our Photos, Videos, Island Stories and find your ideal Resort for your next Holidays with our Resort Visit & Reviews and Photo Galleries.

Maldives lovers and travelers since 1999, our team is composed of one professional Photographer/Video Maker, Sakis and myself, Rozenn, Travel & Tourism Professional since 1993. Today I work as an Editor and Web Designer at Dreaming of Maldives and regularly travel back to my beloved Maldives.

Our [small] team Sakis and myself work together as a passionate team. Here we are in a few words

Sakis, Luxury Hotel & Destination Photographer . Video Producer

Sakis Dreaming of Maldives Photographer and Videographer

Specialist in Luxury Hotel & Resort Photography, Travel Photography, Aerial Photography and Lifestyle Photography, Sakis founded Impressions Photography in 1994 and has established his reputation by focusing on quality, creativity and elegance.

His vision, sense of colour and style are instantly recognizable. His work has been featured in many Travel magazines and books worldwide. Self Publisher and Co-Author of the Maldives Photography Books Dreaming of Maldives and a series of Yearly Maldives Calendars, he is today a leading photographer of the destination.His photography is also featured by Stone, Image Bank and Robert Harding Photo Agencies.

Since 1999, Sakis has created an extensive and unique Photo and Video collection. He is also known for his unique aerial image collection of the Maldives.

Discover more about Sakis on his official Website

Rozenn, Editor & Webmaster, ex-Maldives Resident / Destination Manager

Rozenn Dreaming of Maldives Editor

I am a lover and admirer of the Maldives since my arrival in 1999. I am French and have had the great chance to work and live in Maldives for 3 years as destination Manager for a renown French Tour-Operator. Through my childhood and later my job, I've always lived abroad.

I am now in charge of the Dreaming of Maldives™ Editions, Website and blogs featured in English and French.

For more than a decade, we work and travel together. We share a strong passion for the Maldives Islands where we regularly travel & stay, to bring you exclusive photos, videos and of course, fresh stories.

If you have any questions, comment, or a feedback, please send me an email at rozenn (at)

Explore more about Maldives on my Blog. Available in English & French

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From north to south, we explore the Maldives

Since 1999, we constantly travel from South to North of the Archipelago and so far, have visited more than 80 Resorts. We are always on the move to discover more.

All featured news, information, reviews, images and videos that you will see and read on Dreaming of Maldives Website and Blog are independently and carefully curated.

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