Photo of The Day : Ayada Maldives

By Dreaming of Maldives — December 15, 2011
Ayada Maldives Sunset Ocean Suite

Ayada Maldives. The Sunset Ocean Suite | Photo © Sakis Papadopoulos

Today, have a view from one of the  Ocean Suites of Ayada Maldives

The Sunset Ocean Suites at Ayada Maldives, located in the south of the largest Maldives Atoll of Huvadhoo, named Gaafu Dhaalu, very close to the Equator.
Ayada Maldives officially opened in October 30th 2011.

The beautiful environment of the resort is a Dream, but as any new Resort opening, it has to establish a name and good reputation in the exigent World of Luxury Hotels.

If you’ve stayed at Ayada Maldives, feel free to share your holiday experience here…We would be happy to read you.


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  1. John
    Reply →
    June 6, 2012 at 7:49 am

    Hi, Great attractive pic but may'be you've missed something and should care about the dreams you publish. Ayada is a 3...maybe 4 star resort, in my opinion...... at best! What can I say, Service .....unhappy and unprofessional stuff . Food , OOOh No that's not food, if I want Turkish kebab I will go to Turkey not in the Maldives. Transfer, is far too long, after arriving from Europe we had to wait long for the domestic flight, and after arriving we had 1h 30 minutes boat transfer ( be careful the Resort and Travel Agent will tell you 1h transfer but as it is one of the biggest atolls is always rough see the stuff told us so it takes 1h.30 to 1h 45 ) Ayada maldives is not what it promises on its website. The Resort fails to achieve highly due to the cheap facilities, lack of 5 star services and training, unprofessional, unfriendly and unhappy staff from the reception, butlers and dive staff, and food with the exception of the Spa which is just all right. The most amazing thing it happened to us is the excursion that we made and we had the change to see plenty of dolphins , the atoll is beautiful, it was our 2nd visit to this Atoll ( Alila ). Please visit Tripadvisor and get informed before you go, Cheers John

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