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Work in Maldives ! Any Volunteer ?

April 20th 2011

If you are seeking a little adventure and want to spend a period of time working as a volunteer in one of the most unique and developing countries of the world, then look no further than Volunteer Maldives!

Volunteer Maldives has directly-employed staff based in the Maldives and organise all aspects of your project. They guide you through the entirety of your time as a volunteer.

You can volunteer on a variety of projects. Whether you are looking to gain some work experience, help others less fortunate than yourself, or simply experience a new culture, then we have a voluntary project in the Maldives for you.

Volunteer Maldives is seeking volunteers to help in various fields :  teaching, sport and medical .

So, what are you waiting for ?


More on www.volunteermaldives.com

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  1. Christina Hahn

    After reading about the volunteer program I am interested in teaching English to the staff on a resort.

    Please let me know what opportinities might be available.

    Also, for the record my Masters degree is in Finance but I have been told by family and friends that I would be a great teacher. i.e. I’m patient, positive, and tactful (polite)!

    1. Dreaming of Maldives

      Hello Dear Christina,

      The best is to write directly to Volunteer Maldives. Follow the link at the end of this article to go to their website.
      Good Luck !
      Best Regards


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