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New Maldives Dreams are on the way…

Maldives celebration on the islands
Time has come to celebrate ! | Photo © Sakis Papadopoulos

Perhaps have you noticed that for some time, Dreaming of Maldives The Blog was a bit quiet …

A few Photos of the day and posts have slowly paced your weeks. We wish to apologize and believe we owe you an explanation and do hope you will understand that this (unbearable) silence happened with good reasons. Because in the background, we were preparing you many things.

So Why ?
Some time ago, right here, we promised you some surprises and new and exclusive Dreams of Maldives.
Their preparation have begun several months ago and …. They are finally ready!
One of them is the complete update and re-design of our website Dreamingofmaldives.com.

As I write these lines, I still hesitate to give you more details, but we so much want to surprise you, that therefore I will not.
However…. I will just tell you that the Dream of Maldives is just beginning and that we have worked to make you travel further into the Maldives and to surprise you !

Monday, May 23rd, in the morning.


On our website DreamingofMaldives.com.

The countdown clock has started ticking …D-2.


Don’t miss the Appointment, many Dreams are waiting for you !

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