4 essential Green Rules when holidaying in Maldives plus a Must-See Video

4 essential Green Rules when holidaying in Maldives plus a Must-See Video

Let maldives beaches unspoiled. One of the many rules to respect
Let maldives beaches unspoiled. One of the many rules to respect | Photo by Sakis

We love it !

Here is a funny animation film about our main duties for environmental care and protection when visiting the Maldives Islands – or other destination on our planet…
This small video perfectly depicts what NOT to do when holidaying in Maldives.

In this 10 minutes video, two characters, a father and son, spend vacation on a tropical island.
The father,  unintentionally and unknowingly, continuously harms the environment, while his son, more “eco-aware” – new generations are sometimes  greener than their elders-,  systematically corrects him back,  by showing him the consequences of his acts on the future.

A very essential list of the DO’S and DONT’S are nicely featured in the video : snorkeling on the coral, rubbish, smoking on a sandbank, collecting shells, fish feeding ….

This animation film was created by Thomas Krajcovic and Matej Petrek, two  Austrian students, who were invited by Kuramathi to spend a week on the island, in order to study it in an environmental perspective, with the help of the resort marine biologists.

I take this opportunity to remind you four basic “green” rules when visiting the Maldives:

4 Basic DONT’S during your holidays in Maldives.

1 / Do not feed the fishes.

No, there is still no bakeries underwater.
I can hear you saying : “But why ? This is so fun ! “…Yes it is, but :
a – Enemy number 1 : The bread. This kind of food is absolutely not adapted to their digestive system. It is against their nature.
b – They are getting used to being fed and therefore get gradually more lazy to look themselves for food.

2 / Do not let your cosmetic bottles

Do not let your cosmetic bottles (shampoos, hair conditioners, sunscreen etc …) in the Maldives.
Each year, tons of plastic are left on the islands and waste treatment is still deplorable in the archipelago.
So, I believe it is our responsibility to not contribute to this real scourge and bring back our empty bottles with us.

3 / Do not bring shells back home

There are many, certainly, but much less than 10 years ago.
Here is a simple math for you to get the idea of what is happening :
1 million visitors per year X 1 collected shell = ??? shells less per year on beaches and in the lagoon.

4 / Do not walk on corals.

They are not strong enough to support our weight, even the most slender of us, and are very brittle. So they break and…die.
Remember, the coral grows only a few millimeters per year.

There are of course many other basic rules. But these are absolutely vital to the ecosystem of the Maldives.
Many hotels offer a more comprehensive list of the “Dont’s” during your vacation.
If you do not get it or do not read it, please remember at least these 4 ones. Let’s call them the basics.

It’s not a lot, but still, it can make such a huge difference already !

Well, this said, let’s watch this very cute video :
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Video © Kuramathi.


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