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Copyright Notice
Please Carefully READ & NOTE the following.
Contact us by email for permissions and use.
To Sum-up :

Except where otherwise noted, the images, videos, music and texts on this site are copyrighted material and are the property of Sakis Papadopoulos / Impressions Photography Rozenn Le Bihan / Dreamingofmaldives.com. I know it is quite easy to copy images and whole pages from the web, but taking them and placing them on your own web site is a violation of copyright laws.
You can SHARE the photos if you use the original URL.

I hereby inform you that any stolen Photo, Article, Video material will immediately lead to copyright infringement to be taken down.
SO : Be Fair & Share.
Don’t Steal ( that’s totally ugly btw)

Now the usual notice.
Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from Sakis Papadopoulos and/or owners is strictly prohibited.
None of the site’s material may be used for commercial purposes without prior written permission.