New Tax at Maldives International Airport in January 2012

New Tax at Maldives International Airport in January 2012

runway Maldives airport View on the most beautiful runway airport in the World.
View on one of the most spectacular runway airport in the World. Maldives International Airport, today known as "Ibrahim Nasir International Airport" | Photo © Sakis Papadopoulos

Last updated. January 05th 2012 (see end of article)

Long time Maldives travellers, do you remember when we used to pay a 10 USD airport tax per person and in cash, before the Check-in at Hulhule Airport ? It was in the end 90’s / beginning 2000’s.
Back then, the tax payment had to be done at a small desk before checking in. At this time, we even had to organize transfers from the resorts a bit earlier to be on time and avoid rush.

Around the middle of the 2000’s, the tax was finally included in the stay in order to ease and speed all departures.
The airport tax is today 12 USD.

In January 2012, this is about to change again!
From January 1st 2012, a new airport tax aimed to help the development of the new airport ( the airport is now managed by an Indian Company – see my article about this here) will be applied to all passengers living the Maldives ( excepted children under 2 years, Maldivian and working staff).

Where, how and when the tax has to be paid ?

Maldives new airport tax from January 1st 2012
A new tax to leave this small Paradise. Maldives aerial Photo | © Sakis Papadopoulos

The new tax will cost 25 USD and will have to be paid in cash or by credit card at a desk before entering the Check-In area. No boarding pass will be given without it.

For the moment the tax is not officially included in the stay nor in the airline ticket price. We hope this will be applied as soon as possible to avoid extra waiting time before living the Maldives.
I advise you to recheck this latest point with your travel agent. Who knows?

Update : December 15th.
The tax appears now to be controversed and could be suspended.
We investigate further and inform you asap.

Update : January 05th 2012.
The tax is suspended and in court trial.
We have tried to get more information from the concerned Departments, but our requests have remained unanswered. So far, no new tax for the moment. But we keep a close eye on it and will keep on informing you.



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