What is the TOP 10 Maldives Dreamy Resorts ?

The story

It started in 2012 ( in a more basic way ) for my personal knowledge and as a little game with my readers.
It has never needed any participation from the Resorts and still doesn’t until today.
I only gather and list all opened resorts,.
Based on this list, Dreaming of Maldives readers freely vote for their own Best Resort, the one that makes them Dream.
My little fun game has grown into a big beautiful ranking and a reference now. You love it.

Since its creation
The TOP 10 Maldives Dreamy Resorts Video Series
has been WATCHED by more than 3.5 Millions people on
our Youtube channel only.

latest TOP 10 in Video

πŸ† YOUR TOP 10 Best Maldives Resorts 2022 | Maldives Best Hotels. Official Traveler's Choice 11th Ed.

How it works :

The contest goes on for 1 year with 2 momentum :

  1. The 1st part includes all operating resorts.
  2. The 2nd phase is a skimmed version and lists only the Resorts that gather enough votes to, at least, enter the semi-final. The rest of the resorts are excluded.
  3. You keep on choosing on this 2nd and final list until the end of the contest which has been in January the past years to have a full year of traveler feedbacks.

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Past and Current TOP 10 Maldives Dreamy Resorts

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