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The Maldivian Dhonis Video of the Traditional Maldives Boats

Dhonis are at the very heart of the Maldivian way of life and cannot be missed during your stay.

We Love them since our first encounter back in 1999.

Watch our Maldives Dhoni video and get a sense of why we love them so much.

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Dhonis, A long and Beautiful Dreamy Story

More about Dhonis and Maldives

Maldives Dhonis. A Story of Tradition Production Dreaming of Maldives

Dhonis are ever present in the all Maldivian Archipelago and are, in our opinion, one of the strongest symbol of Maldives.

We love Dhonis and thus have always reserved them a very special place since the beginning of our photographic adventures in the Maldives.

During our sevral journeys in Maldives we photographed many Dhonis...

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