Sven Van Hees will perform at Six Senses Laamu in Maldives !

Sven Van Hees will perform at Six Senses Laamu in Maldives !


Escape & Dream

Music producer and DJ Sven Van Hees will perform at Six Senses Laamu in Maldives from March 7th until June 3rd 2016.

Sven Van Hees will perform over the lagoon at the gorgeous Resort main bar, Chill Bar.
Chill Out, Jazz ,Lounge, Deep House & Downtempo Bliss will beat the Musical menu each day.

A few word about Sven Van Hees

Sven Van Hees is a Belgium DJ, Composer, Producer & Label owner of Your Lips who creates a very relaxing music that immediately invites to Escape and Dream.

Sven has composed for more than 25 years, created over 11 albums, several singles and remixes and made his first musical creation at the age of 17.

His music evokes an atmosphere that exudes sensuality.

He often works with Soul vocalists and Classical musicians and mixes these sounds with electro Music.

His excellent production includes one of our all time Favorite Chill Albums like Tsunami ( Inside My Soul )- featured in our Music selection N5, Calypso, or Beach Bliss.  Several of his singles have been included in various Cafe Del Mar and other Lounge Music Albums .
His music collection is a timeless and endless source of relaxation.

Van Hees will surely play his latest Ambient Jazz Album CHAMELEON.

Six Senses Laamu and Cool Beach Grooves ?
So Dreamy.

Chill Bar Photos

Just Imagine Being There Listening to 

Sven Van Hees live

Chill Bar Lounge Area

Sven Van Hees DJ Sessions performed over the lagoon at Six Senses Laamu Chill Bar MAldives

Chill Bar - Aerial View

Six Senses Laamu Chill Bar Aerial view

Chill Bar - Interior Design

Six Senses Laamu Chill Bar Interior Design

Greatly Designed, Chill Bar is built over water on several levels.

It is an ideal place to Chill out during the day and for a sip at Sunset. Chill Bar is also one cool spot to reach the Island amazing house reef.

Sven Van Hees – Music Videos

©Your Lips YouTube Channel

Sven Van Hees - Pescador, Latest Album Chameleon

Sven Van Hees - Pescador (from the Album Chameleon)

Six Senses Laamu Resort Video

Six Senses Laamu Video

JUST FOR PLEASURE : Love Lottery. Album Beach Bliss

Sven Van Hees - Love Lottery (from Beach Bliss)

Six Senses Laamu Review


& : It's So Real. Album Exotica


Sven Van Hees (some) Album Covers

Click on Gemini Album Cover To Discover More


Sven Van Hees Album Calypso


Sven Van Hees Album Synesthesia


Sven Van Hees Album Exotica


Sven Van Hees Album Gemini

Beach Bliss

Sven Van Hees Album Beach Bliss


Sven Van Hees Album Chameleon

Dreaming of Six Senses Laamu

Dream Offer six senses laamu

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