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Luis Suarez spotted in Maldives for a Family Holiday. Resort Photos and Video

Luiz Suarez Maldives Island Holidays Hotel Maldives
Luiz Suarez and his family take the pose wiith their Butler on their Maldives Island Holidays Hotel Maldives

It is time for football stars to take their holidays.
After a busy season, you can find them travelling around the globe in search of Luxurious private places.

Each year, at the same period ( or Christmas ), football players come for their holidays in the Maldives on one of the many private islands of the Archipelago.

This year’s, we’ve seen Luis Suarez from FC Barcelona ( latest European champions at the UEFA Cup in June 2015) and his family on the island of Niyama Maldives, a luxury hotel located in Dhaalu Atoll, south Maldives .

For the biggest pleasure of his fans, Suarez shared on his Facebook and Twitter accounts some photos of his vacation , including one shot in his Villa.

Discover the Resort where Luis Suarez has spent his Maldivian Holidays

Niyama Maldives – Video

Video of The Island resort Niyama Maldives
Niyama Maldives Video

Niyama Maldives – Photos & Review

Niyama Maldives Edge Restaurant
Niyama Maldives
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