Let’s cook a Maldivian Curry with Cedric d’Ambrosio Chef at Velassaru Maldives…

Let’s cook a Maldivian Curry with Cedric d’Ambrosio Chef at Velassaru Maldives…


If you’re familiar with Dreaming of Maldives and our Resort reviews, you’ve probably guessed that we consider Gastronomy as an important asset. Some Maldives resorts offer such a fine food quality, that the experience can become – at least for food lovers like us– some kind of a Dream too !

The past weeks, our taste buds have been truly tickled at Velassaru Maldives, with one of our best experience so far in Maldives.

Cédric d'Ambrosio Chef at Velassaru Maldives
Cédric d’Ambrosio

At the origin of this exquisite moment is Cedric d’Ambrosio, the Resort passionate and creative Executive French Chef, who loves to mix the Art of Haute-Cuisine with oriental and local influences.

The result of this multicultural alliance is a real feast for the mouth and a true pleasure for the eyes too…

Dining at Velassaru was such a pleasure that we could not resist to ask him if he could share a recipe with us. Cedric accepted with enthusiasm !
Food Lovers, Cookers, here it is, on the blog and just for you…

The “Prawn and Chicken Curry at the Maldivian Way” recipe !

Note 1 : Cedric is behind most of the menus proposed in Velassaru’s restaurants. This particular recipe is served at “Sand” – Velassaru Signature Restaurant.
Note 2 : The recipe comes in 2 parts :
The 1st one is the Curry itself and the 2nd, as a bonus, is the recipe of the Chapatti Indian Bread ( or Roti ) that will ideally suit to your Curry.

Ready ? …let’s cook !

Maldives Chicken and prawns Curry Recipe at Velassaru
Chicken and Prawns Curry at the Maldivian way | Photo © Sakis Papadopoulos

1 / Preparation of the Curry…

Ingredients :

500g Onions chopped
100g chopped tomato
20g Tomato paste
50g Garlic chopped
50g Ginger chopped
25g Medium ho green chilies chopped
5pcs Curry leaves
50g Curry powder
10g Cumin seeds
50g Cashew nut paste
50g coriander stem
75mls Coconut milk
500g Chicken thighs deboned and skin removed
100g Prawns shelled and deveined
50g Fresh coriander roughly chopped


Start with frying the onions and cumin, add the chili ,curry leaves, garlic, ginger and curry powder then the tomato paste.
Bring it to the boil and let it cook 5 minutes at very slow fire.
Then add the chicken and the chopped tomatoes and coriander stems.
Cover with just enough water and reduce the heat to a simmer.
Now add the cashew nut paste.
Once the chicken has cooked through and the sauce thickened, sear the prawns and add to the curry followed by the coconut milk.
Finish with the Fresh coriander and check the seasoning and serve with some chapatti, rice and papadom.

2/ Preparation of the Indian Chapatti, Velassaru Maldives’ Way…

Ingredients :

250g Atta flour
125g Normal flour
5g salt
10ml olive oil
275ml Boiling Water


Boil the water, mix all the dry items and pour the wet items into the dry.
Knead the dough to form a firm dough, keep in mind that the dough might need more or less water depending on the type of flour used.

Shape into Balls about 75g then roll out to 2-3mm thick and cook in fry pan then onto direct heat via a wire rack.



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I am Rozenn, Dreaming of Maldives writer and editor. Sakis, my partner in life, is the photograher behind most of the images you will see here. We travel to the Maldives several times a year for journeys that can vary from 1 week to several months. We created Dreaming of Maldives “The Blog” as an extension of the webite of the same name to make you discover the Maldives in the most complete and different way as possible. This blog is a place to dream. It is mainly aimed to share with you our long time experience and Emotions of travelling in the marvelous and so unique Maldives… PLEASE ...NEVER STOP DREAMING . Dreamfully Yours. Rozenn. Carpe Diem.

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  1. Nadine Irons

    Just had to say I was lucky enough to try this for myself whike at Velssaru in July. Every night we ate like kings and were spoilt for choice …. but out of everything, the Maldivian curry I had on the last night was by far my favourite! I have been dreaming of it since our return!!! Now I can cook it! Thats Friday night dinner sorted, Ahh good times!!x


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