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Find Your Dreamy Resort in the Maldives

2015 Poll : What is your Maldives Dreamiest Resort?

VOTE 2017
VOTE 2017
2014 Poll : What is your Maldives Dreamiest Resort ?
2015 Poll : What is your Maldives Dreamiest Resort ?

What is your Maldives Dreamiest Resort ?

It’s that time of year again !
For the 4th year consecutive, the “TOP 10 Maldives Dreamy Resorts” have been the voice of Maldives future, past and frequent travelers.
No panels of experts, just you voting for your favorite Island Resort, the one that makes you Dream To Stay or where you would would Like to Come Back.
Over the next year, until January 2016 31st, we’ll be asking for your Ultimate Dream Resort.
I build up a new list with new Resorts !

You can now Vote for the Best of the Best.

You can also tell us your favorite Resort by posting a comment below. The more details, the better.

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