Alila Villas Hadahaa is now Park Hyatt Maldives

Alila Villas Hadahaa is now Park Hyatt Maldives

Alila Villas Hadahaa is now Park Hyatt Maldives
The swimming-pool at Park Hyatt Maldives ( prev. Alila Villas Hadahaa) | Photo © Sakis Papadopoulos

The rumor is now officially confirmed: the Resort Alila Villas Hadahaa, located in the extreme south of Maldives, in North Huvadhoo Atoll is, since today, Park Hyatt Maldives !

Open in 2009 by Alila Villas Design Hotel Brand, Hadahaa was the successful combination of contemporary design (a signature feature across the Alila Hotels) and Maldivian architecture. Alila Villas Hadahaa had also won many awards during the first year of operation : in 2010, the resort won several recognition as one of Condé Nast Traveler’s Hot Hotels, Condé Nast Traveler’s Best New Spas an DestinAsian Luxe List’s 41 Best New Hotels of the Year.

Today, Alila Villas leaves to her successors a beautiful island with an exquisite charm and a unique architecture among all Resorts of the archipelago. With Hadahaa, Park Hyatt opens its very first Resort in the Maldives.

Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa Island
The main restaurant at Park Hyatt Maldives on Hadahaa Island | Photo © Sakis Papadopoulos

Our opinion about Hadahaa in a few words …

We had the chance to stay several days on the resort and I must admit that before coming to Hadahaa, we were very curious about the island. Upon our arrival, our curiosity was immediately satisfied by her surprising and impressive architectural design, made of strikingly modern lines everywhere around the island and ideally integrated into the gorgeous Maldivian natural landscape.
If you love contemporary architecture, your wishes will immediately be fulfilled by this island. Hadahaa appeals to the senses with perspectives and design invariably catching the eye in a subtle and creative way.

It also appeared to me that designers and architects have made a point to constantly lead the guest eyes towards water, with straight lines conducting to ponds, waterfalls, pools and of course the lagoon.

Large openings and big windows offer a constant view on the surroundings, everywhere on the island, including bars, restaurants and rooms.
Villas and Water Villas are  cosy, luxurious and intimate. On the outside, they are all made of light wood. Inside the rooms, wood remains, but in a darker tone. Natural material are harmoniously set together with a tasty and contemporary furniture.
Large glass windows completely open up into the garden or the lagoon and offer, according to the location, a total privacy through the dense vegetation around.
Restaurants, bars, spa, front desk, every part of the island perfectly combines simplicity and luxury, all in an intimate atmosphere without compromising the magic scenery of the Maldives, which remains, after all the essence of the destination.

Park Hyatt has not yet made any official announcement about the future development of the Resort.

Hadahaa should therefore, continue to please Maldives fans … and Design enthusiasts.

Stay tuned for more on the new Park Hyatt Maldives …

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I am Rozenn, Dreaming of Maldives writer and editor. Sakis, my partner in life, is the photograher behind most of the images you will see here. We travel to the Maldives several times a year for journeys that can vary from 1 week to several months. We created Dreaming of Maldives “The Blog” as an extension of the webite of the same name to make you discover the Maldives in the most complete and different way as possible. This blog is a place to dream. It is mainly aimed to share with you our long time experience and Emotions of travelling in the marvelous and so unique Maldives… PLEASE ...NEVER STOP DREAMING . Dreamfully Yours. Rozenn. Carpe Diem.

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  1. Meyer

    Hi Rozenn and Sakis,

    After how many days do we get fed up with seeing the same spot every day ?

    I know this is a subjective question.

    We are planning to stay in one resort without an inextensible budget to make any supplementary excursions and we are not a honeymoon couple either (we would be travelling with our teen aged daughter). Is five days too much before our teenage daughter starts to rip hers nails off ?

    1. Dreaming of Maldives

      Dear Meyer,
      Here is a very subjective question. Probably the most difficult one. Consequently, I will not answer precisely to it. I am sorry, but there is no rule.
      Some can not stand 2 days on a island and some can enjoy 3 weeks.
      But 5 days, are not that long. If you and your daughter like the sea, then she’ll be fine. She could try water sports too, or maybe a diving initiation.

      You’ll also have some excursions. Dolphins seeing, seaplane photo-flight, a fun night fishing… and more according to your Resort.
      More personally, I believe it’s also good and educative to visit a local island.

      A few resorts have a teen club, like both 4 Seasons for ie.

      To conclude : Go for it if she likes the water and don’t if she does not.
      Simple, but effective.

      Please do not hesitate to ask me more questions…I will be happy to help you.
      Have a nice day,


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