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Maldives Photo Book Dreaming of Maldives

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When travelers return home from the Maldives, they often struggle to tell about the astonishing beauty of the Maldives islands.
With this in mind, I decided to gather my photography in a Photography Book that could serve as an authentic visual journey through the Maldives. No filters, no alterations, just pure and genuine moments captured through my lens.
This book is my tribute to the Maldives.
- Sakis Papadopoulos, photographer

A Visual Tribute to Maldives Beauty

Dreaming of Maldives VOL3 is recommended to Maldives lovers & Photography enthusiasts.

All photos of this book are simply and truly the absolute reflection of the Maldives astonishing beauty. To fully enjoy the incredible beauty of these islands, most of our photos are printed full page with some panoramic double spreads. Each Resort is accompanied by an information sheet and a map to help you locate your favourite place.

Photography Book Dreaming of Maldives | Cover
Photography Book Dreaming of Maldives | Back Cover
Photography Book Dreaming of Maldives Aerial Photography Desert Islands
Photography Book Dreaming of Maldives | Introduction
Photography Book Dreaming of Maldives | Table of Contents
Photography Book Dreaming of Maldives Resort
Photography Book Dreaming of Maldives Aerial Photography Sandbank
Photography Book Dreaming of Maldives Dreamy Lagoon Views

Dreaming of Maldives. 3rd Edition

Description :

3rd Edition.
160 pages. Over 280 photos of Maldives
Format : 29 cm x 21 cm. ISBN : 978 960 93 2674 2
Glossy Laminated Soft Cover with flaps. Velvet Colour Paper
No ads. Printed in EU
Photographed by Sakis Papadopoulos

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Delivery times:
- Inside Europe and UK : 5 to 7 working days.
- Outside Europe and UK : 10 to 12 working days

Price: 19,90 €(Exc. sending costs)

Colourful and inspiring, Dreaming of Maldives™ is a unique visual journey to the Maldives Islands. Completely revised and updated, this 3rd edition is the latest Photo Travel Book and Guide to these heavenly islands. Dreaming of Maldives The Book, is a visula tribute to the splendor of the Maldives. It showcases a curated collection of Sakis Best-Loved-Photographs as well as numerous captivating new images of these islands.
During this Photo journey you will discover : Unique and breathtaking aerial photos of islands and atolls, a selection of 27 resorts and hotels plus a Luxurious Liveaboard we visited, desert islands and sandbanks, Maldives raditions, travel experiences, nature and landscapes, atoll and island aerial views and much more.
Dreaming of Maldives The Book features short texts (in English) with different themes to help you know more about the Maldives (culture, traditions, geography, islands...)

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Maldives The Islands & Culture

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Maldives Hurricanes & Tsunamis

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Maldives Dhonis

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