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Dreaming of Maldives Your Unique Travel Guide to the Maldives Islands

Created in 2009, Dreaming of Maldives is a complete and unique online Travel Guide created to make you discover the Maldives Islands from North to South of the Archipelgo. We propose you a special and complete focus on some of the Best Maldives Resorts we visited and love, the Islands, the people, the Culture, Stories, Photos, Videos and so much more.

Discover the Maldives with Resort reviews, photos and videos

Whether you're a new visitor or returning to the Maldives, we would like to invite you for a unique visual journey to some of the most Beautiful Islands in the world. Since 1999, we have stayed in more than 80 resorts and regularly travel from North to South of the archipelago to discover more Hotels and Islands.

I invite you to visit the blog to discover more information, visit more resorts and read more news and stories.

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Dreaming of Maldives is dedicated to Maldives Beauty and to all Maldives Lovers.

Enjoy the Journey !


Maldives Resorts. Visits & Reviews

Visits & Reviews


Our Favourite Maldives Resorts & Best Experiences*

Everything you need to know about our favourite Maldives resorts.

Up until today and since 1999, we have visited more than 80 Resorts. We regularly visit new Islands and share our experiences here and on the Blog with Resort Reviews, Photos and Videos.
In this selection below, you will find here the most complete information you can wish for.

All Resort reviews at Dreaming of Maldives are based on our own experiences only.
What you will read and see has been tested, verified, liked ( or not) or absolutely Loved.

The Best Resort for you

We believe there is no "Best Resort", because the Best is the one that is Best for you. However it is not always easy to find the one that is really made for you.

Hereunder, you will find our best Selection that we carefully curated along the time

*Each Resort is independently and carefully selected by us.

Maldives Dreamy Resorts
Our Latest Visits & Reviews

Maldives Dreamy resort

What is a Dreamy Resort?

The Absolute Dream

We propose you a special and complete Review on some of the Best Resorts we have visited in Maldives. The ones we absolutely Love and have the Wow Factor .

A Complete Resort Visit

Apart from a complete review, we you will find all information you need to organize your holidays. A Video of the resort & a full collection of exclusive Photos from our collection, the Villas, Island maps, where to snorkel and Dive, Dining options and menus, various prices and much more.

This unique feature is the definitive guide to the Maldives Dreamiest Resorts and the most complete review you can find around. First of its kind, it aims to make you discover and choose the Resort of your Dreams with the most comprehensive and extensive information you wish and need.

Maldives Essential Resorts
Our Latest Visits & Reviews

Maldives Essential resorts

What is an Essential Resort?

The Maldives Resorts that should be experienced

We propose you a special Review and short focus of sevral other Beautiful Resorts we visited. The ones we absolutely Love .

An Insider Look

This selection is also based on our personal stays and experiences. Each Resort featured in this list has been tested by us and is presented with a short review and a Photo gallery. These reviews will provide you with the Maldives Resorts that could be perfect for your Maldives Holidays.

Whether you look for a perfect All-inclusive Resort, a Top Luxury resort, a Family Friendly Resort or a Very Romantic one, you’re sure to find it in this list ! Simply and Truly the Maldives Resorts that should be experienced.

The Maldives


Travel Guide


The Island Kingdom

The Maldives Islands belong to the small and exclusive list of the Ultimate Place to see. Paradisiacal and unique in the World, they are an invitation to Dream and their breathtaking landscapes make this dream a reality.

Located astride the equator, south of India and west of Sri Lanka, their fascinating beauty resides in an unique geography exclusively made of natural atolls, sandy islands and reefs, scattered like gems and stretching along 823 km (511 miles).

The beauty of their pristine lagoons and sandy beaches along with their splendid aerial views make the Maldives an Absolute Paradise.

All islands are encircled by a lagoon blessed with crystal clear water. With their white sandy beaches, turquoise crystal blue seas and scenic coconut palms surrounding everywhere, the Maldives are portrayed by many as tropical paradise. Protected by a reef structure, the Maldives offer one of the most exclusive and spectacular underwater life and are known to be a Snorkeling Paradise.

Their name comes from the word "Maladiv", given by the first Indian merchants and literally means "Garland of Islands" in Sanskrit. The Maldivian refer to their country as "Dhivehi Raajje" which means in Dhivehi, "The Island Kingdom".

Maldives white sandy beaches and turquoise crystal blue lagoon
maldives tropical paradise
Maldives Garland of Islands The Kingdom

Maldives The Islands & Culture

Islands & Culture


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