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Michael Phelps in Maldives…The Dream.

Michael Phelps in Maldives
Michael Phelps swimming the Butterfly. Majestic as always…

21 st Aug 2012 :
Edit : We finally know where was Michael Phelps ! Discover photos, the details and how he spent his time in Maldives here.

Michael Phelps, ( and my absolute favorite ) greatest swimmer of all time arrived a few days ago in Maldives for holidays  !
The multi-medal super winner and World Champion will spend some days in the Maldivian blue after the 2012 Olympic Games .

No details are given about the Resort and honestly who cares.
Let’s just wish him some beautiful time there.

Just for the record :
If Phelps was not at his best during the last Olympic games, we must always remember that during his career, he won:

  • 22 Olympic Medals ( 18 Gold + 2 silver + 2 bronze )
  •  – 2012 London Olympics only : 4 Gold medals + 2 Silver
  • 33 World Championship Medals ( 26 Gold )

He also set 39 world records  !!

The London Games will be his last Olympics.
Thank you and Farewell Mr Phelps.

Note : I doubt Mr Phelps ever read this blog but I take the advantage to confess that I dream of a picture of him swimming the Butterfly in the lagoon….

For the ones who still do not know the Maldives, here is our HD Video of these wonderful Islands where Mr Phelps is as I write…

Maldives HD Video by Dreaming of Maldives

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