Maldives Weather
Maldives Weather. Climat et Saisons aux Maldives

Maldives Weather

The Maldives benefits from their location near the Equator, which offers stable temperatures throughout the year and protection from cyclones.

Their climate is tropical equatorial, generally humid and warm with 2 seasons called Monsoons.

With a distance of 800 km from North to South and the Equator crossing the country, the weather conditions will vary according to your location in the archipelago.

As a consequence, standard weather forecast* for Male ( center North Maldives ) will not be valid for the entire archipelago and the most Southern part, under the Equator, will require forecasts for Gan.

What is the Best Season to go Maldives ?

It is usually advised to to choose the so-called “dry” season, from October / November until April. September is in theory (and in theory only) a little less “risky” than June / July / August months when the rainy monsoon can still be (very) active to very active. It sometimes goes on until October.

However, beautiful September months have […] Continue Reading

Maldives Weather and Seasons

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