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Maldives, a true Paradise for Honeymooners

A Honeymoon in Maldives| Photo © Sakis Papadopoulos

The Maldives, a perfect match between Luxury and Romanticism for Honeymooners.

The islands are a perfect honey pot for couples seeking for romanticism, privacy and luxury.

Breathtaking landscapes can be seen all over the archipelago and each hotel and resort is just a perfect secluded hideaway.
Some of them organize wedding blessings on their beautiful beaches, on a sandbank or even underwater.
(Photo from Dreaming of Maldives Creative Collection)

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  1. Visitor

    Under water wedding? Really? may be that’s why it’s called as honeymooners paradise. A weeding on these great white beaches must be a beautiful thing to attend and watch. A underwater Wedding must be a great experience to get. Maldives is a magical place to be wed and honeymooning.

  2. Pousada Buzios

    I’ve never been to Maldives but if I had a chance to travel there, I would really go to this place first.


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