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Find Your Dreamy Resort in the Maldives

Contest now Closed – Win The Dreaming of Maldives Complete Collection

The Contest is now closed !
We have a lucky winner !!
Congratulation to Sandrine Bornet who found the correct answers as first !
Sandrine will receive the Complete Collection of Dreaming of Maldives that includes the Photography Book Dreaming of Maldives. Vol3 and the 2014 Wall Calendar.

Here are the answers :

THE Question

What inspired us the Name « Dreaming of Maldives » ?

Answer : A little Dhoni beautifully stranded on a beach in Maldives.
The Photo was chosen to illustrate the Cover of Dreaming of Maldives Photography Book, VOL1.
You can see this Photo and the answer on our FOCUS dedicated to Maldivian Dhonis here.

Deciding Question

What is our estimated number of Water Villas in the Maldives in 2013 ?

Answer : We estimates their number at 2600.
The answer was in our Article “The Best and Coolest Maldives Water Villas we’ve seen” here.

We hope you enjoyed this little game. Thank you all for your participation and keep Dreaming until our next contest !
Stay tuned !


Dreaming of Maldives Free Contest
Dreaming of Maldives Free Contest 2014

Enter our New Contest and Win “Dreaming of Maldives” Complete Collection featuring The Maldives Photography Book and The Maldives Island Wall Calendar.

As usual, it is easy…and free !
It just requires to explore to find the answers.

Here are the rules…

How to participate ?

Just answer our question(s) below and reply in the comment section at the bottom of this post .
An extra question will make the difference between the winners. Don’t forget your answer too !

Official Contest Dates

The contest is open until Sunday, April 27th 2014.
The Winner will be announced Tuesday, April 29th 2014.

Who can participate ?

The contest is International and open to entrants from around the World.
Employees of the Resorts, advertising and promotional agencies and their respective affiliates and associates, employees immediate family members or related are excluded from this contest.

The contest is now open ! Have fun and Good Luck!

Answer THE Following Question

What inspired us the Name « Dreaming of Maldives » ?


Deciding Question

What is our estimated number of Water Villas in the Maldives in 2013 ?


Dreaming of Maldives - The Book
Dreaming of Maldives – The Book
Maldives 2014 Wall calendar
Maldives 2014 Wall calendar
Down post 728 selected deals and shop

About The Author

I am Rozenn, Dreaming of Maldives writer and editor. Sakis, my partner in life, is the photograher behind most of the images you will see here. We travel to the Maldives several times a year for journeys that can vary from 1 week to several months. We created Dreaming of Maldives “The Blog” as an extension of the webite of the same name to make you discover the Maldives in the most complete and different way as possible. This blog is a place to dream. It is mainly aimed to share with you our long time experience and Emotions of travelling in the marvelous and so unique Maldives… PLEASE ...NEVER STOP DREAMING . Dreamfully Yours. Rozenn. Carpe Diem.

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  1. Dreaming of Maldives

    [April 27th 2014] The Contest is now closed.
    The Winner will be announced this Tuesday, April 29th 2014 !
    Stay Tuned !

  2. Rodrigo

    A small Maldivian Dhoni on a dreamy Maldivian beach inspired you the name “Dreaming of Maldives” while looking for a representative, dreamy and heavenly photo for your first book cover. The name not only inspired you the book, but also the official name forthe web, the amazing photos, the breathtaking videos…

    The Maldives had in 2013, 110 resorts. 80% of them, have over-water villas. If we consider that each resort has around 30 over-water bungalows, it makes 2.640 over-water villas in Maldives (2.600 approximately).

    I am looking forward to visiting Maldives in early 2016. The book and calendar would be the best gift ever to choose an island and hotel.

    Thank you for the amazing contest.

  3. palicaj

    A) You were there and you had a dream, like i had 🙂
    B) i think there is about 2650 watter villas.

  4. abhishek

    “Dreaming of Maldives” – blog is a place to dream of maldives.
    2600 water villas in total

  5. Tania

    What inspired us the Name « Dreaming of Maldives »?
    To allow someone who has never been to the Maldives, to dream through your story

  6. Matt

    I suppose the “Dreaming of Maldives” borns with the role to lets everyone dreaming with your travel experiences in the archipelago.

    The number of water villa is about 2600 (average of 30 for resort)

  7. Nuno Macedo

    Answer 1 – a small Maldivian Dhoni was the inspiration
    Answer 2 – 2600 Water Villas in total

  8. Patricia

    Dreaming of Maldives is a team composed of lovers of the Maldives. In your website, you try to show us the best of the Maldives and make us DREAM of them. Is for that reason that you choose this name for your website, because the Maldives is such a dream.

    Maldives had aproximately 2600 water villas (in 110 resorts) in 2013.

    Can’t wait to have the book and the calendar to count the days till our honeymoon in the Maldives! We’ve been dreaming of the Maldives for ages and ages.

    Thank you soooooooo much for that amazing contest!

  9. Miro

    A small Maldivian Dhoni stranded on a beach inspired you the name “Dreaming of Maldives”.

    There area round 2600 Water Villas in total.

  10. Gabriela

    What inspired us the Name « Dreaming of Maldives » ?

    Maldives is a dream come true. If there is heaven must be equal to any island in the Maldives

  11. Gabriela

    What is our estimated number of Water Villas in the Maldives in 2013 ?

    it makes around 2600 Water Villas in total.

  12. ELENA

    Maldivas es un sueño hecho realidad. Si el paraiso existe tiene que ser igual a cualquier isla de las Maldivas.

Comments are closed.

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