Where to snorkel and dive around Island Hideaway Maldives ?

By Dreaming of Maldives — May 08, 2012
Diving and snorkeling at island hideaway maldives

Island Hideaway - Haa Alifu Atoll. North Maldives - Island Map. Where to dive and snorkel around the Island ? | Photo by Sakis

Diving in Haa Alifu Atoll is another experience from the ones that can be done in Central Maldives. There, no commercial diving activity or big groups of divers.
The Island has over 20 great untouched dive sites within a 5-60 minute range.
Main Dive Sites :
Dhonakulhi Channel
Heaven & Hell
Ihavandhoo Channel Thila

Snorkeling at Island Hideaway Maldives
The House Reef:
Dhonakulhi has its own house reef 10-30 metres away with amazing coral walls all along the East-side.
Beginners will stay inside the House reef for best safety and advanced will try the long walls outside from it.
PAY ATTENTION : Have a chat with the Dive Center before going to explore the outside walls! Currents can be dangerous.

Much more information on this “Blue” subject coming soon. Stay tuned !

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